Everyone loves to visit a clean building. I’ve never heard someone talk about a clean business (who isn’t a janitor), but I do hear people talk about how they hate eating or shopping at dirty businesses. Which seems to be a fair bias. There have been many times when we are deciding where to eat and we shoot down multiple restaurants due to them appearing to be absolutely filthy!

Having a dirty building gives an unprofessional feel to your business. I feel comfortable and settled when I am in a clean, fresh building. There is nothing that gives someone an unsettling feeling than a filthy environment. Especially windows! Windows are created to be looked through. But when they are covered in filth, that leaves an unsettling feeling in your clients.

Business purposes aside, think about your customers. They have busy, messy lives. There are studies that show messy environments increase stress in a person’s life. When they are in a clean environment, it reduces stress. If you know you have workers, customers, or people who are constantly stressed in this world, it seems like the right thing to do is to keep your work environment clean. Like many people, I tend to stare outside through my windows. This “ugh” feeling comes over me when I see dirt all over the windows. That little “ugh” causes a tiny bit of stress that can make a day worse. Luckily, I am a window cleaner, so I can take care of it quickly. 😉

You are creating a safe, clean environment in a chaotic, messy world. Be the one who stands out when someone needs to decompress. Be the one who can create a clean, refreshing experience for the busy shopper, the exhausted worker, or the lonely boss. Do them a favor. Don’t just clean your windows, but clean up their surrounding environment.


  • Your windows may be damaged by debris left on your windows for years.

I have seen it so may times. I clean a window, and there are these little spots that WILL NOT COME OFF. They drive me crazy. They go away when the window is wet, but come back once the window is dry. I panic, thinking I ruined the window. But in reality, the window simply hasn’t been cleaned in years, and the minerals in rain and hose water have been burned into the window by the sun. It is a bummer to see gorgeous windows that are water stained. The cost of window cleaning doesn’t seem like that much in comparison to have your windows cleaned two or three times per year.

  • People shop more in clean stores.


This isn’t the only study showing cleanliness to be a deciding factor in shopping at a store. Germs and dirt are everywhere, so be the one who stands out and gives a clean feeling to your customers. You want to stand out in business. If you are trying to attract high income customers, it is a must to maintain the cleanliness of your business. They won’t shop somewhere dirty when they can afford a higher priced business with better cleanliness. Stand out, give your clients a fresh view in life.

  • Filth harms people with allergies and asthma.

When these people inhale dirt and debris, it affects their lungs. According to the Mayo Clinic, dirt triggers coughing in people with asthma. It can create an uncomfortable environment for your customers. People shop where they can shop comfortably, and dirt can only create an uncomfortable environment. Dirt only has negatives in stores. It brings nothing good to your store.

  • Professionals are clean and have good hygiene.

If you want your store to have a professional feel to it, then you MUST keep it clean. If you go to make a deal with a client, how do you present yourself? Do you wear shorts and a t-shirt and forget to shower, or do you wear professional clothes and shower before you meet with them? You shower and dress professional. You look clean-cut and it is appealing. Let me tell you, people are shocked when a window cleaner shows up in a suit. It immediately gets their attention. If you wouldn’t neglect your appearance on a sales call, why would you neglect your store’s appearance? A business’s appearance sells customers to buy your product. It shows you respect them and care about what is expected from them. And clean windows have a beautiful presentation and leaves an incredible first impression on anyone.