My mentor, Jim Greenwood, once told me a valuable observation once. He did not mind paying the company who serviced his pool every month. In fact, he enjoyed paying him. But, he hated paying the man who cleaned his lake house. He never knew if the company had actually cleaned there. He then began to tell me how the pool guy would give him follow-up emails reassuring Jim his pool was serviced. Then it dawned on me. Jim was given a peace of mind his money was well spent and not wasted. His lake house cleaner could have done nothing to the property and gotten paid. The pool guy gave a detailed report when he was at Jim’s house, which employee serviced the pool, and the chemical levels of the water. The peace of mind he gave Jim was an idea I want to give to my clients.

Whether or not the pool guy realized it, he was serving the client more than most companies. He was going beyond servicing their home, he gave them a peace of mind. This idea got me thinking, do I serve the client enough? Window cleaning is not a need, it is a luxury service that creates a first class feel to a home or business. It can give a clean edge to businesses and give a classy feel to your home. I realized you guys needed to be reassured. You need to be given a peace of mind. You deserve communication.

That is when I realized you needed to be able to hold me accountable and give you a peace of mind about where your money is going. To begin with, we send you a text confirming you booked the date and time you booked with us. Two days before we service your home, you receive another text confirming we are on the same page to have your windows cleaned. The day of, we send you a text letting you know we are on our way. Once we finish the job, you receive a report confirming we cleaned your house with pictures and time stamps; all to give you a peace of mind about your home.

If you have a complaint or ask us to do something extra, we take care of you by documenting it. We put it in a report with before and after pictures of the specific task, leaving you at ease. It covers us, but it also ensures we give you a proper service.

We welcome any feedback with our emails. It gives you an opportunity to tell us about any complaints or reviews you would like to give us. We value your feedback as it allows us to serve you in a more personalized manner. The more personal the cleaning, the better we are serving you. All we want to do is serve you better and better. That is what TripleC is all about.