My name is Ethan Westby, and I am the founder of TripleC Pros LLC. Some people say I am too young to run my own business, I do not know enough, all first businesses fail, and many other scary opinions. I could have listened to those voices, but I realized those words came from people who had failed or never even tried. They gave up on their dreams or thought their dreams were too big to chase. The trouble is, I never quit. I never have a found a dream to big to chase. My dad never taught me to think of my dreams as too big, but to think of them as goals and challenges. Luckily for me, that mentality has rung true and stuck with me my entire life.

I started TripleC out of my own dreams of running a business that serves people relentlessly. I chased different dreams along the way, but this is ultimately what it lead to. My entire life has been full of dreams and visions for different small businesses and sources of income. These ideas and dreams taught me an important lesson about myself. I love to serve people in order to improve their life. One of those actually made the news a while back.

When I was in third grade, I started a lemonade stand in order to save the life of an orphan child we supported named Allen. His life depended on it! Or so I thought. You see, we needed to give thirty dollars a month to support Allen. And I thought the orphanage would let him die if he did not receive our money. Completely ignoring and disregarding the countless times my mom told me he would live even if we did not get him money (which we always paid every month), I still believed he would die. This kid needed my help. I wanted to save him. What no one ever told me was Erich Schaffhauser would hear about it and air my lemonade stand on Eye on Keloland. (I searched and searched for the video, but it was taken down by Keloland) It was a hilarious video that actually won Erich an award. I am not sure what the award was, but it won something for him.

Ever since, I have completely bought into different ideas and went all in on them. I ran a pet watching business, worked at multiple banquet halls serving people, started a curb painting business in Dallas, TX, and won a State Championship at Warner my senior year. Winning the state championship had been my dream since I watched my brothers Micah and David each make it that far. This was an idea that had to become a reality. The amount of work I put in at 5 am at the YMCA my junior and senior year was unbelievable. It was hard to discipline myself to do that, but worth every moment that Saturday night at Wachs Arena. Celebrating with my teammates was a dream come true.

That was only my first dream. My second dream was to attend Baylor. I attended a community college for two years to make Baylor more affordable for me. This past year, I packed up, and left for my dream school. Everything was wonderful! The people were welcoming and friendly, the atmosphere was great, and running the Baylor Line was some of the most fun I have ever had. On top of that, I developed the closest friendships I have ever had.

Except there was only one problem. I hated school. No one could change that in me. I tried to buy into the idea school was for everyone, only to realize it was not for me. Community college ruined that in me, as I ran my own businesses while working for my entrepreneurial dad, Steve Westby. The frustrations were growing and I was splitting my commitments between school and business. After consulting my mentors, I discovered my dream was not to graduate from Baylor, but to run my own business serving people. I had clients back home for cleaning windows, so why not keep doing that? Besides, I can learn everything I am taught in college by reading books and taking business classes online. I chose to leave my dream school and come home to start this. My real dream. This dream is more fulfilling than sports in high school, it is one of the most fulfilling dreams I have every pursued.

One of my mentors made it abundantly clear to me the service industry had a massive fault in it. One I saw when he pointed it out. The service industry serves people, but does a poor job of giving them their voice, keeping in touch with their clients. This gave me the motivation to change the industry. To change the way people thought about window cleaning. This is a purely luxury cleaning, so why not try to model it like a concierge service? I want to deliver a peace of mind and a change in the way I serve people. I need to go above and beyond when I serve people in order to truly deliver what my clients deserve.