Charlotte Grandpre Films is traveling to India to document the fight against human trafficking.


Charlotte Grandpre Films will be creating video media for a non profit in India that is fighting against human trafficking and poverty.  Video media gets 1,200% more shares than text and images COMBINED, so Charlotte’s video work has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool for those fighting human trafficking.  Join the fight by helping fund Charlotte’s filming process.


Raise awareness surrounding human trafficking by sharing Charlotte’s journey to India with your community.  You have the opportunity to be a VOICE for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Read more about Charlotte’s mission below.


THIS YEAR IN INDIA, there are over TWO MILLION women and children (as young as four years old) being trafficked for the purpose of sex slavery.  Even more children are forced into child labor, have their organs harvested for profit, or are SOLD for multiple other heinous purposes.  The laws against these crimes are weak in India, and the vicious cycle of poverty makes escape from this way of life nearly impossible.  To this day, over 40,000 new children are abducted from their homes in India each year.  11,000 left untraced.

I understand that this information is incredibly upsetting to read.  This reality has been on my heart for about two years now.  In this season, I can no longer stay idle with the knowledge of this crisis.  From February 17th to March 11th, I will be going to Karnataka, India to create media in support of a non profit who is fighting human trafficking.  A large part of that month will be spent creating film work with the purpose of sharing the reality that these precious women and children face EVERY DAY.  Most importantly, these films will express how precious they are and how they are worth every ounce of effort.

There are THREE main facets to this trip:

FIRST, I will be capturing media (film and photography) for this non profit.  They care for the most vulnerable people in India using services that are effective, holistic, and bring long term results.  Their goal is to not just alleviate the effects of poverty, but to ERADICATE it.  This media work and trip is being entirely GIFTED to them to help remove the frustration and struggles of creating or affording high-quality media work that encourages more financial supporters.  Video media gets 1,200% more shares than text and images combined, so this has the potential to be an incredibly powerful tool for their outreach.

SECOND, this trip is the launch into my calling to SERVE people all around the world who are working to eradicate human trafficking and the cycle of poverty that further stirs it.  It is on my heart to create video work that shows the reality of trafficking that people around the world face on a daily basis.

THIRD, this is an amazing opportunity for me to spend time with these women and children.  I will be able to not just TELL THEIR STORIES but serve them.  I cannot wait to get to know them on a deeper level and better understand how they are loved beyond what we understand within the boarders of our western world.

I’m beyond thankful, hopeful, and, if I’m being transparent, emotionally overwhelmed with the possibilities of the journey that lies ahead.  I hope you see the value in what is going to be accomplished. As you can imagine, a trip like this requires financial support from a number of people.  My goal is to raise $3,000 by February 10th.  Amazingly, if 50 people give $60 each, the entire project will be completely funded.  If you can support this mission in a financial way, I would be very grateful.  Any finances given above the goal will go towards the future of this ministry!


Charlotte Grandpre